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Rumah Bakti Dato' Harun


1) 2 Woods Building

The first block is for Administration Office with 7 staff, a Chairman's room and a meeting room. The second block have 4 tuition classes and 1 gym (the exercise equipment is a donation from Herbalife Nutrition)

2) 1 Wood Building for Dining Hall and Kitchen

The Dining Hall is place a full set of desk and chairs with a sink. Besides that, there are also have the kitchen to cook.

3) 2 Bloks of 2 Storey Hostel (Boy and Girl)

There are 4 dorms for 1 block of hostel that can place 15 beds in one dorm.

4) 1 Surau Building

Can put at least 200 peoples in one time

5) 1 Library (Ibnu Sina's Library)

It is divided into two parts which is library and a computer room. It used by the children to learn, make a reference and make work that work on computers

6)1 Kitchen Assistant Home Block (3 Doors)

7)2 Warden Houses


It required to go to school (morning and evening session), visits and even invitations.

9)2 Vans

(10)Badminton Court

11) Takraw Court

12) Futsal/Netball Court

13) Football Field

14) Playground